The South African government held a workshop February 20th, was to provide a platform where South Africa could learn from the German experience with the successful roll-out of fuel cell bus pilots in various cities.

Experts from Germany involved in clean transport solutions participated in discussions on topics such as the state of play of fuel cell buses, policies and programmes that support this technology, lessons learnt from current zero emission bus deployments, and brainstorming strategies to encourage adoption and implementation in South Africa.

According to Dr Rob Davies, the Minister of Trade and Industry, the main focus of South Africa’s fuel-cell strategy is to develop a globally competitive fuel-cell manufacturing industry adding value to South Africa’s platinum resources that will drive market growth and ensure the long-term sustainability of the country’s platinum mining industry.

He added that the overall goal is to create a sustainable local manufacturing sector for platinum-based fuel cells. He was hopeful that the fuel cell bus workshop taking place in the city would lead to the introduction of fuel cell buses in major South African cities after learning from the German experience.

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Photo Credit: The Citizen