When: 7 July, 2011

In order to support the preparation of proposals for the new Calls for Proposals and preparation for proposals on Energy and other topics under the FP7, the European Commission’s Directorates-General are organising various Information Days in July 2011 in the Charlemagne Building, rue de la Loi n° 170, in Brussels: July 7, 11-12, and 18-19

FP7 Energy Research Information Day – 2012 calls: 7 July 2011

The aim of this event is to inform multipliers and potential applicants about the content and main legal as well as procedural conditions of the above-mentioned calls. There will also be sufficient time to answer any questions and to get in contact with other potential proposers and project partners.

For more information please visit the event’s website.

FP7 INFORMATION DAYS for the Public Private Partnerships on ‘ Energy-efficient Buildings, Factories of the Future and Green Cars’: 11-12 July 2011

In order to support the preparation of proposals, the Directorates General for Research & Innovation, Information Society and Media, Energy, and for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission are holding Joint Information Days on Research PPPs on 11+12 July 2011 in the Charlemagne building, rue de la Loi 170, in Brussels.

At these Information Days participants will be informed about the progress regarding the research PPPs and the related third Cross-thematic Coordinated Calls. In particular, research areas, conditions for participation and future priorities of the Public Private Partnerships will be discussed.

Participation may also help you to get in contact with other potential proposers and partners. You will have the possibility to present your own project idea. More information about thisnetworking/brokerage opportunity can be found here.

FP7 Transport Information Days: 18-19 July 2011

The aim of the two-day event is to inform potential researchers about FP7 and the new Transport Calls for Proposals under the ‘Co-operation’ Programme. Details will also be given on the main legal and procedural conditions and we will respond to your questions. Participants will also have the chance to network with potential project partners.

More information can be found here.