Fiat Panda presented the prototype of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle – the Panda Hydrogen, in Rio de Janeiro.

Fiat presented the vehicle at the Challenge Bibendum, an international event that takes place in Rio de Janeiro between days 05/30 and 02/06.

The Fiat Panda Hydrogen is a prototype electric vehicle driven by a powertrain of a hydrogen fuel cell, built for the purpose of improved environmental proposal.The system of fuel cell produces electricity and water with high efficiency and zero emissions. It basically consists of a fuel cell, manufactured by Nuvera and a set of innovative assistive technologies. With full force, the fuel cell powertrain delivers 60kW, causing the vehicle to reach a speed above 120km / h with acceleration zero to 50 km / h in 5 seconds. The hydrogen tank capacity guarantees the Panda Hydrogen a range exceeding 200 km in an urban cycle. HyTRAN Panda is the latest of technology development with investment from the manufacturer and the European Community in the project HyTRAN.