When: 25 June, 2014   Where: Centro Congressi EnviPark in Via Livorno 60 - Italy

Title  FCH JU projects – Fuel Cell based Auxiliary Power Units – Joint Workshop

Date  25 & 26 June 2014

Place  Centro Congressi EnviPark, Via Livorno 60, 10144 Torino, Tel.+39 011 225 71 11, Fax +39 011 225 72 21, www.envipark.com

Organized by:

Project SSH2S FCH JU. Coordinator: Marcello Baricco, Department of Chemistry, University of Turin


Hydrogen and fuel cells are seen as a future technology for eco-compatible use in the field of mobility and energy storage. For this reason, a European Platform for Hydrogen and Fuel cells (FCH-JU Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) has been founded for which an investment of 665 Million Euro from the EU is foreseen within the Programme Horizon 2020 which is likely to obtain a grant of a similar amount from European private firms. This is in this scope that took place the project SSH2S – Fuel Cell Coupled Solid State Hydrogen Storage Tank which saw the involvement of 8 research centres and firms coming from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Norway. This project is aiming to create a solid hydrogen tank based on innovative materials to be used in alternative to compressed gas for the pairing with an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) with fuel cells to be installed on goods transport vehicles. The project, with total value of 3.5 million euro, received a grant from the EU equal to 1.6 million euro. The project has been coordinated by the University of Turin and saw the involvement of a Piedmonts’ SME (Tecnodelta s.r.l.) and the FIAT Research Centre of Orbassano.


The meeting will propone to collect the participants of three projects FCH-JU Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (DESTA, FCGEN e SSH2S) with the purpose of research and the creation of prototypes which match fuel cells and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to provide the necessary electric energy to vehicles even when motor is switched off. The programme of the event foresees on first part some presentations which will show the purpose and the progresses done for each of the three projects concerned. The first day will be concluded on 25th June evening with an exhibition of the prototype developed within the project SSH2S with the coordination of University of Turin. During the morning of 26th June, three separate working tables are programmed where some technical specific issues will be discussed such as the design of the integrated system, the specific details of the system and the security aspects. The results of these discussions will be shared between different working groups at the end of the workshop and summed up to be spread to the scientific community.


The meeting is open to all. There are no subscription costs, but the registration is mandatory because of the limited number of availabilities. To register, please contact marcello.baricco@unito.it no later than 16th June.

Website : www.ssh2s.eu