The German National Organisation for Hydorgenand Fuel cells (NOW GmbH) organized the First International NOW Workshop on Hydorgen and Feul cells in Material Handling, Intralogistics and Ground Support Equipment at Airports. Heiko Boekhoff of  the VDMA, the German businesss Association, material handling unit referred to market developments in the material handling vehicles (MHV)industry ; 2007 was the top sales year for MHVyear and the sales of internal combustion   businbess associatyion 

According to organizer Wolfgang Axthammer  € the new NIP II 2016 – 2019 budget of €161 mln will include 20 mln for MHV and power supplies for critical infrastrucure, In the NIP I program during 2007 -2016  only a total of €8 mln for three projects involved 16 MHV: for the period 2016 -2019 €22 mln is requested for 9 projects and 150 MHV.

Lionel Boillot of the FCH JU project manager indicated the that 23 mln budget was reserved for MHV since 2008 94 forklift trucks and 1 tow truck. The 94 FLT were mostly deployed in France (84) 8grid fees woudl be major part of thecosts) 2 in Belgium and 7 in Denmark in  in Germany.  Fronius presented its 24/48V HYLOG Fleet fuel cells that are psec made for FLT including elringklinger stacks. According to Fronius wind2hydorgen shoudl be possible at €3,00 /kg

Giampaolo of Hyster Yale (formerly Nuvera Feul cells)  reported a 40 staff increase : Matignetti Wine and Spirits in New England ordered 39 Hyster Class I, II, II FLT lasty august. HysteR Yale is also lookimng at larger applicatiosn in aviation and maritime industry.

Plug Power Europe Tim Schulz put already 13.000 fuel cells in the MHV to date: 121 mln operating hours. Plug power also installed 137 dispensing units with limited foot print (2,5 – 4 m2) . The biggest site is walmart 400 MHV. He referred to the advantages comapred to batteries with regards to the constant speed and lifting capacity. Increased truck productivity 5% eleimanting battery change 3% higher speed of MHV and 2% less maintenance (damages)

BMW (larget fleet to date in Europe), Daimler Benz and Schenker (Deutsche Bahn logistics)  reported on their testing and oprations of FC powered MHV. The main issues relate to the price.

Conclusions: market potential, business cases and turn key solutions available, USA is still top of class, France has good incentive system.