When: 22 June, 2011

FuelCellEurope will host a workshop on The business of storage for renewable electricity on  June 22nd 2011 in Brussels. The event will debate the issue of intermittent energy production from renewable sources and the solution offered by hydrogen storage.

This workshop will address the challenges posed by increasing shares of intermittent renewable energy sources and the different solutions available, with a special attention to hydrogen storage. The focus will be on the identification of potential business models for this option, with an assessment of the current barriers and regulations existing in the field. Under and above ground storage solutions will then be discussed.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr. Graham Cooley, from ITM Power, will give an overview of the issue of intermittent energy production from renewable sources and assess the potential of the hydrogen storage solution;
  • Karim Kassam, from fuel cell world leader Ballard, will offer an insight of the company’s views and the hydrogen storage mechanisms already available;
  • John Lidderdale, Logan Energy, will share the company’s recognized expertise and present the practical storage applications in the field;
  • Theo Bosma of KEMA will assess the hydrogen solution vis-à-vis other existing options and examine the expected development in the area;
  • Marianne Julien, from Air Liquide, will speak on the current framework in the field and the potential business models for storage.


For more information on this event see: FuelCellEurope