The European Hydrogen Association, EHA, ( welcomes the Commission’s Communication on Clean and Energy Efficient Vehciles (COM 2010/186) as an important step forward in policy support for green car technologies. The video’s, shown during Commissioner Tajani’s press conference (April 28, 2010)  of hydrogen cars,  filling up at public hydrogen refuelling stations in Berlin and driving through the center of Brussels, demonstrate that the European hydrogen and fuel cell sector, has achieved major technological breakthroughs over the last years to introduce hydrogen as the other energy carrier, next to electricity, to accelerate EU’s decarbonisation objectives for transport. Many European companies, including SME’s, are market  leader in developing fuel cell and hydrogen applications and components as demonstrated at last week’s Hanover Fair,  where the EHA joined over 140 companies gathered in the 16th H2 anf FC Group Exhibit .  
The EHA especially welcomes the Commission’s intention “to provide a leading role in working with Member States at national and regional level on the build-up of charging and refuelling infrastructure in the EU”.
As indicated in its position paper on this strategy (for download at ), the EHA is fully committed to contribute actively to the assessment to be made “whether synergies exist between capacity build up for electric and hydrogen vehicles and their connection to low-carbon electricity sources” as mentioned in the Action list of the Communciation. For more information on the strategy visit the Commission’s website.  The EHA press release on the strategy you find above.