At the heart of the 3rd Legislative Package is the development of EU-wide network codes on topic areas for the integration of EU electricity and gas markets, enabling cross-border trade and competition to develop across EU energy markets. Upon a request from the European Commission, ERGEG is using the so-called interim period until the Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) becomes fully operational to simulate the development of framework guidelines according to the provisions of the 3rd Package. ERGEG has therefore developed draft pilot framework guideline on electricity grid connection. This draft is accompanied by an initial impact assessment.

Grid connection covers all issues to establish and to maintain a physical connection between the transmission and / or distribution grid and the grid customers. Grid connection is used here as a synonym for network connection, which is the area for a network code according to Article 8.1.b of the Regulation (EC) 714/2009. In the context of this Initial Impact Assessment (IIA), grid connection requirements are considered as features and rules which the transmission and distribution grid operators, as well as the grid users have to meet, in order to maintain system security, availability and the proper functioning of the electricity market from a technical point of view.

ERGEG invites all interested parties to provide comments to the consultation paper (framework guidelines) – and in particular the 9 questions in the accompanying cover note. Any comments should be received by 24 September 2010 and should be sent by email to