Cities and urban communities continue to cope with challenges related poor air quality, heat island effects, increased flood risks, increased frequency/severity of extreme events (floods, droughts, storms, heat waves, etc.), derelict industrial sites, dis-functioning urban areas, increased criminality, social exclusion, inequalities, marginalisation, poverty and degraded urban environments.

These challenges have serious impacts on human health, quality of life, well-being and security of citizens, particularly among the less privileged social classes and decision makers are increasingly confronted with difficulties in identifying the right and reliable solutions…

In this call only electric vehicles as in the definition of the Alternative fuels Infrastructure Directive (COM2014/94, not FCEV!)) are admitted although not financed (“as these are  already on the market”). Energy storage topics can be financed and hopefully H2 solutions will increasingly find their way to the SCC proposals, although few hydrogen sector representatives were present in the brokerage that was held afterwards.

Please consult the details of the calls:

SCC-02-2016-2017: Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions in cities

SCC-03-2016: New governance, business, financing models and economic impact assessment tools for sustainable cities with nature-based solutions (urban re-naturing)

SCC-04-2016: Sustainable urbanisation

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