EU’s 27 Member States reached an agreement on the EU Climate Action Package, including the dedication of part of the revenues of the Emission Trading System to Carbon Capture and Storage as the EU Parliament  requested. Several adaptions to coach reluctant Memebr States towards the agreement have been made:
1. The auctioning rate to be reached in 2020 is set at 70 %, with a view to reaching 100% in 2027, bearing in mind that the initial level in 2013 is set at 20 %;
2. The Commission will study the consequences, for the allocation between Member States of the quantity of allowances to be auctioned, of granting additional allowances free of charge to industrial sectors exposed to a significant risk of carbon leakage. Any decision to grant these allowances will be based on a proposal by the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council, expected in June 2010 in the light of the outcome of the international negotiation. The Commission will, if necessary, propose appropriate measures, taking into account in particular possible distributional effects.
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