The EHA attended a high level conference organseed by the Egmont institute for international relations “Beyond the 2020 horizon: Moving towards a common EU energy policy”. According EU president van Rompuy  global energy demand will rise by 30% by 2025 and the EU risks to become the only area in the world to depend almost entirely on oil and gas imports. He also referred to the recent remarks of EC president Barroso that a 20% increase in energy efficiency wouls close 1000 coal power plants. Baringa consultancy reported that current projections for renewable energy are well below the planned and required trajectory overal and for all technologies except PV. Acceleration of investments is likely to lead to increase in costs rather than benefitting form experience curve. Lately the European Energy Policy focus on the triangle with decarbonisation on the top and  affordability and security of supply at the bottom has reversed to affordability and and security of supply at the top and decarbonisation at the bottom.  At the meeting European energy companeis commented on the EU’s energy policy for 2030; Edison suggested to include wind energy lifetime cost consiidrations. Siemens indicated that without storage no balanced grid is possible by 2030 recommended a best – solution model based on location optimized use of renewable. GDF Suez called for an new industry initiative to stir investment.