MEP’s voted to change Commission proposals requiring manufacturers to cut their vehicles’ average CO2 emissions from current levels of around 160g/km to 120g/km by 2012. Instead, it proposed that carmakers would only be required to ensure that 60% of their fleet meets the target by 2012, with 70% compliance by 2013, 80% by 2014 and 100% by 2015.  The Parliament Committee decided also that certain cars, emitting less than 50g/km or running on alternative fuels would count  as ‘one-and-a-half cars’, thereby bringing their overall average down. Zero-emissions cars would count as three cars until 2015. It also imposed fines on carmakers for breaching the limits set at €40 per excess gramme of CO2 – less than half of the €95 penalty the Commission proposed. The Parliament will vote in plenary later this year.