The EHA attended a seminar at the EU Parliament “Beyond the Hype, the economics of shale gas in Europe”. David Hughes of the Canadian based Post Carbon Institute stated that most shale gas exploration is not economic and that recently oil rigs dominate gas directed rigs. The top 6 locations in the US count for 88% of shale gas production and the highest producing well Haynesville become ‘middle aged” after 5 years. Gas prices will remain below $ 4,50/mcf fo the next 10 years.  According to Andreas Zittel of LBST gas production in Europe is in decline since 2000, except in Norway, unconventional gas reserves are zero and unconventional soureces are possibly large but estimates are uncertain. The development of shale gas wells in Europe requires rising natural prices of € 40-50 /MWh  in average (1Mwh = 3.3 mcf) meaning almost tripling today’s price levels.