The EP Industry Committee adopted the report of MEP Lena Ek on the Emission Trading System (ETS).  In the event that international climate talks later in 2009 in Copenhagen are not successful, the report of EU Parliament rapporteur Lena Ek on the Emission Trading System (ETS) calls on the Commission to list which sectors could benefit from exemptions from the EU ETS by 1June 2010 instead of 2011 as proposed by the Commission to avoid carbon leakage. Another issue remains the earmarking of the auctioning revenues; Member states would like to have discretionary power on how to spend these revenues. The Ek report calls for at least 50% of the funds to be put toward clean technology investments or anti-deforestation projects in developing countries, with the remaining funds to be allocated within the EU towards clean technology research and development or other climate change-related measures. After being voted in EP Environment committee on October 7 the report will be discussed in the EP plenary meeting this November. The EHA has submitted its position paper on ETS to the EP rapporteurs and the Commission.