The purpose of this proposal for a Regulation of the European on type-approval of hydrogen powered motor vehicles and amending Directive 2007/46/EC is to lay down harmonised technical provisions for the type-approval of hydrogen-powered vehicles for the first time. There is a need to introduce EU-wide approval criteria for such vehicles, to safeguard not only the operation of the single market but also a high level of safety and environmental protection. Since hydrogen-powered vehicles are not at present included in the EC type-approval system, Member States may grant approvals for such vehicles on a one-off basis without having to lay down new laws. In such a practice there is a risk that every Member State will draw up its own approval conditions, resulting in distortion of the single market. This would lead to high costs for manufacturers, create safety risks and also considerably impede the spread of hydrogen technology in the EU. For these reasons the rapporteeur Anja Weisgerber pointed out that the successful introduction of hydrogen-powered vehicles on the European market will also depend on whether the appropriate hydrogen filling station network can be established in time. EU Parliament therefore asks the Commission to look into measures to support the establishment of a Europe-wide filling-station network for hydrogen powered vehicles. In addition the Report also indicated (under no.18) that the regulation should be expanded to include motor-cycles (L type vehicles) and that it must be possible for rescue services to identify the hydrogen power source of a vehicle. The legislative report was adopted with 644 votes in favour, 2 against and 11 abstentions