With a budget of 33 bln, 26 bln  on TEN T and around €7 bln for transport topics in Horizon 2020 the new Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), that started operations on January 1 2014, will manage all EU transport projects increasing efficiency and speed in executing them. The Horizon 2020’s Mobility for Growth program with a budget of 374 mln and 60 projects so far, includes 135 mln worth of green vehicles projects and 72 mln for the topic Smart Cities of which 18, 5 mln for the transport part.  The last Horizon 2020 call published last December 10, 2014 includes a total budget of € 240 mln: 184, 5 mln for Mobility for Growth, 30 mln for Green Vehicles and  21, 5 for Smart Cities. Deadlines are 23 April, 2015 for single stage and 15 October, 2015 for both first stage and single stage projects The EU Commission is looking for experts to review projects as well.