Philip Bode of DG Energy, at a  CEPS workshops on Gurantee of Origin on May 31, 2016 that the EHA attended, stressed again the EU objective with regards to the EU Energy transition ambition:  providing consumers with frequent access including in near real time to partially standardised meainingful and accurate and understandable information on comsumption and related costs as well as the type of energy sources. The Guarantee of Origin are not only  part of RE Directive, in which the use of GO are not compulsary for energy mix disclosure, but also Electricity Directive 2009/72/ EC that mandates energy companies to disclose energy mix in energy bills. However there is  aneed for standardised information to comapre for exampel CO2 content of a KWh of eletricity. in Denmark   the CO2 content 484, 71g per kWh,   and in Sweden 9.41 g per kWh (source: Association of Issuing Bodies.

The Mid term review of the RE Directive concluded that there could be an extension of use of GO to all types of power including conventional/fossil sources . This would help improving the tracking and auditing. The Public consultation responses indicated wide support for this extension.

Theresa Griffin MEP (S&D) referred to the adoption on M ay 26, 2016 of the EU Parliament of a resolution on a New Deal for Energy Consumers in which energy is considered a basic social right

In relation to the importance of GO, DG Justice officer Georgios Kiriazis presented the Unfair Commercial Practice Directive, Guidance May 2016 (chapter: 5.1) that has been updated on May 25, 2016: the Directive gives indications on the quality of claims that industry is able to make;

  1. Claim does not mislead
  2. Claim substabtiated by credible methodology
  3. Information can enable objective comparisons:
  • Same method go for all products
  • Method applied in consistent manne
  • Method allow meaningful comaprisons