On the eve of the first anniversary of the launching of the Union for the Mediterranean (Paris, 13 July 2008), the European Commission announced an additional contribution of €72 million, for 2009-2010, to the areas identified as priorities by the Euro-Mediterranean Heads of State and Government in Paris. Work will focus on the de-pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, maritime and land highways, alternative energies, with a focus on the Mediterranean Solar Plant, higher education and research and supporting investment in businesses. Part of the funds will be dedicated to support the running of the Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat. With this contribution, the total community budget dedicated since July 2008 to the priorities identified by the Union for the Mediterranean amounts €90 million. A total of € 5 mln is earmarked for studies to establish a Mediterranean Solar Plan. According to a communication on the same day of the German Desertec Foundation, the EU will also co fund their plans of High Voltage Direct Current lines to transport electricity produced by thermal solar plants from the African deserts to Europe.