The recent EU Council Conclusions on May 22, 203 referred to “significant investments in new and intelligent energy infrastructure  to secure the uninterrupted supply of energy at affordable prices.” In addition the Council listed 7 priority areeas to facilitate investments, among which phasing out harmful subsidies for fossil fuels:

1. Swift implementation of the TEN-E Regulation and the adoption this autumn of the  list of projects of common interest with a view to supporting efforts across the EU to achieve effective interconnection between Member States
2. Adoption of the Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure;
3.  Revision by the Commission of state aid rules to allow for targeted interventions to  facilitate energy and environmental investment, ensuring a level playing-field and  respecting the integrity of the single market;
4. Phasing out environmentally or economically harmful subsidies, including for fossil  fuels;
5. Presentation by the Commission of guidance on efficient and cost-effective support  schemes for renewable energies and on ensuring adequate generation capacity;
6. National and EU measures, such as the structural funds, project bonds and enhanced EIB support, to boost the financing of energy and resource efficiency, energy infrastructure  and renewables and promote the development of Europe’s technological and industrial  basis;
7. Continued efforts on energy R&D, technology and the exploitation of synergies with  ICT, through better coordination between the EU, Member States and industry and  drawing up of a R&D strategy in energy matters to achieve genuine added value at  European level.