The Europe 2020 Strategy, launched by the Commission on March 3 should steer Europe out of the crisis and prepare EU economy for the next decade. The Commission identifies three key drivers for growth, to be implemented through concrete actions at EU and national levels: smart growth (fostering knowledge, innovation, education and digital society), sustainable growth (making our production more resource efficient while boosting our competitiveness) and inclusive growth (raising participation in the labor market, the acquisition of skills and the fight against poverty).

Progress towards these objectives will be measured against five representative headline EU-level targets, which Member States will be asked to translate into national targets reflecting starting points:

–       75 % of the population aged 20-64 should be employed.

–       3% of the EU’s GDP should be invested in R&D.

–       The “20/20/20” climate/energy targets should be met.

–       Early school leavers should be under 10% and at least 40% of the younger generation have a diploma

–       20 million less people should be at risk of poverty.

More info at the EU 2020 website.