On 6 November, the European Association for Storage and Energy (EASE) marked its first year anniversary with a reception in Brussels.

EASE Secretary General Patrick Clerens highlighted the ambition of making energy storage a valuable part of the energy landscape, while EASE President Bernard Delpech stressed the strategic importance to Europe and the need to promoting a market design for energy.

European Commission’s Director-General of DG Energy Philip Lowe highlighted the Commission’s ambition to create an open, interconnected and cross-border market in energy, offering EU citizens more services and new technologies. “Smart distribution network, more flexibility and security of supply are key to establishing an effective energy system. The European Union should keep the pressure on grid connections. The challenge is now to develop storage solutions,” said Lowe.

Director-General also announced that the Commission will publish a few papers within the next months focusing on the completion of internal market regulations, while new packages on energy and climate change will be announced next year.