The results of this weeks European elections will need some serious reflection of all Brussels stakeholders, including organisations promoting positive energy like EHA,  on how to engage more of Europe in sustainable growth towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon, competitive but fair economy. The dynamics in EU’s decision making bodies are set to be changed and the arrival of new policy makers in the EU Parliament could offer an opportunity to change pace and message: from where and when to here and now!

Recent studies of the OECD on the 3,5 trillion dollar annual health costs of pollution  and the in-depth study on European energy security and  comprehensive plan on how to reduce EU energy dependence that the EU Commission presented on May 28, 2014, could help switch gears on getting serious with alternative solutions and technologies like hydrogen and fuel cells.

As global energy demand is growing and is expected to increase by 27% by 2030, the chilling facts are that more than 50% of the EU’s energy needs are covered by external suppliers: in 2012 almost 90% of oil, 66% of gas and 42% of solid fuels consumed in the EU were imported, representing a bill of more than €1 billion per day.

In view of the transposition of important EU policy in the coming months that will require the development of national policy frameworks for alternative transport policy frameworks, national action plans for energy technologies based on an integrated roadmap (Communication on innovation and energy technologies (2013/253) and national plans for renewable energy (Energy and Climate 2030 (COM 2014/15), the EHA will step up its engagement with its national association members to ensure the integration of the role of hydrogen in these documents by 2016.

At the Annual General Assembly of the EHA on June 26, 2014 in Brussels the EHA will discuss how to best contribute to EU policy goals, like cleaner air and a more independent (read ultra low carbon) energy and transport system…. policy goals that are shared by all European citizens. (photo: around the corner of the EHA Brussels office)