The Romanian Association for Hydrogen Energy (AEHR – Asociatia pentru Energia Hidrogenului din Romania), is a non-profit organization established in 2012 and headquartered in Râmnicu Vâlcea, Vâlcea County, Romania.

Since early 2000s, The development of fuel cell and hydrogen technology in Romania involved many public institutions and a number of private companies. Among its 80 members, the AEHR has 6 scientific centres and academic campuses, such as the University of Bucharest, Politehnica Bucharest (Bucharest University of Technology) and the universities in Constanta and Craiova. It also comprises of research institutes, such as the National Research and Development Institute of Technical Physics, “Ilie Murgulescu Chemistry-Physics Institute of Bucharest, and of private companies: Zecasin SA and Icemenerg.

The participation of Romania in the development of hydrogen and fuel cells technology has been limited, similarly to other Central and East European countries. There is no specific program for the development of those technologies established by the government. Approximately €23 million was spent on hydrogen and fuel cell research & development in Romania since 2000. The financial support is only provided from the funds of the Ministry of Education and Research, whereas other ministries are not involved. To stimulate cooperation between social actors for the more intensive investment in this field is one of the goals of the AEHR.