The GREAT project kicked off the TEN T Daysfrom April 25-27  in Ljubljana. EHA will give you exclusive briefs on the latest on European alternative fuel infrastructure deployment.

The participants expressed their views on the EU Vision 2030:

  1. Regulation : no targets for vehicles are in place, slow pace clean car introduction
  2. Tax and incentives: need for more specific incentives, LNG needs more support
  3. Knowledge: need for clear and humorous! messages on need for new tech deployment on social platforms. NGO’s and authorities need to communicate key  EU project results
  4. Pilot projects: hydrogen project connected to wind and solar in port of Marseille, guidance of government in small countries is more important than industry action.
  5. Infrastructure: many options but costs are still high and too many options slow deployment. Full interoperability requires demand for open protocols and set boundaries.
  6. Procurement: quit fossil fuels!  need for EU zero emission trucks. Targets needed  to stimulate OEM’s.

Photo:  the Van hool hydrogen bus all the way from Groningen as part of the FCJ JU JIVE- 2 project.