On the North Sea Baltic corridor the total CEF funding to date is around 327 mln.  15 H2 stations have been funded alongthe corridor through the H2Benelux project and recently approved Blending project Zero Emission Valley around Lyon that focuses on a fleet of delivery vans powered by Symbio fuel Cells and waste trucks. Also the port of Marseille is validating wind and solar to produce hydrogen not only for the ENGIE sponsored sailong boat Energy Observer who runs partly on hydrogen (and wind!)

This corridor is focusing a lot on inland waterways where alternative fuels are badly needed. TEN T Director Herald Ruijters emphasized the need for strong support in the next EU Multi Financial Framework MFF (EC announcement on May2!).

EHA asked the North Sea Med panel what the plans are on alternative fuels development with regards to linking energy networks and transport networks in the Flagship Actions. Director Herald Ruijters responded that in the MFF specific topics are included and on May 16, mobility package will come out.