When: 19 May, 2014   Where: Oslo, Norway
The International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) was established in 2003 as an international partnership to accelerate  the transition to a hydrogen economy. It provides a forum for advancing policies and  international codes and standards to accelerate the use of hydrogen and fuel cells (HFC) globally. 17 countries and 1 region have committed to collaborating to advance the  commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in an effort to improve their energy  supply and the environment.
The meeting, “H2igher Educational Rounds – H2ER “, provides an opportunity for students to  meet international experts and IPHE delegates to exchange information and discuss related
topics in more detail and to learn about education and job perspectives in the field of H2 & FC  technologies as well as presenting the state-of-the-art and future of these technologies.
 The EHA, supporting the Working Group on Education of the IPHE is supporting the organisation the third IPHE H2igher Edcational Round in Oslo on May 19, 2014. The IPHE is meeting two times per year throughout the world and on each occasion an educational event for local students is organized in which the national representatives of hydrogen and fuel cell programs are participaing. In this way students learn about the H2 and FC activities and the joint cooperation efforts of the IPHE. The event in Oslo is organized by Universtiy of Oslo and will include a toru the hydrogen station and competence centre in Lillestrøm.