Dear all,

I hope that 2013 has started well in your pursuit of your hydrogen dreams.

We know that 2013 is likely to be a pivotal year for the EHA and hydrogen in general.

In an EU context we will know whether we will have a second period secured and what will be encompassed within it. We will see national H2Mobility initiatives receive wider recognition beyond just the hydrogen community. Hydrogen energy storage systems will claim a place in a wider energy context which will open the door to significant funding. California will continue to drive the US forward in clean energy and Korea will remain the leading light in attracting new hydrogen fed fuel cell systems. We will are also likely to see smaller portable fuel cell charging products being delivered to market.


In my opinion the EHA will step up and become widely recognised as one of the leading advocates for hydrogen. Some would argue that this is where we are now but with the interest levels in hydrogen growing and the framework of support structures changing we need to adapt and claim our place at the top table.


I look forward to working with you all to deliver our programme. We need you to ask the EHA to come and support you in your goals. Whether it be in discussing with your local governments or speaking at a conference or just helping with sponsorship on your AGM. Getting the EHA out into the field will be key to delivering you value for money in 2013.

I wish you every success over the next 12 months

Kind Regards

Ian Williamson

President, EHA