The EHA will present local hydrogen developments at the Scotland’s Hydrogen Future Conference in Edinburgh on September 15-16, 2009. The Scotland’s Hydrogen Future Conference will explore a range of topics highlighting the complex issues of utilising hydrogen as an energy carrier. It can be stored for applications in vehicles, homes, and businesses, thereby making off-grid applications economically viable. Presenters will address methods of generating hydrogen, materials for hydrogen storage, infrastructure development and hydrogen utilisation technologies, particularly fuel cell systems.
With Scotland’s abundance of renewable energy potential, particularly in offshore wind, tidal and marine current applications, a renewable energy-based hydrogen economy is not only technically feasible but makes environmental, economic, and social sense. Featuring the First Hydrogen Corridor in the  UK,  The Royal Mail Group and members of the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association have joined forces to create the tipping point whereby hydrogen becomes the energy carrier of choice for transport and stationary applications.  With this conference, we will profile the steps being taken by the Royal Mail and its partners in creating the conditions for large-scale hydrogen usage in its transport fleet in Scotland – the most ambitious hydrogen transport programme in the world. For more information on Scottish Hydrogen Developments, please visit the Scottish H2 and FC Association website.