The unwavering support of national and local networks of key stakeholders in building robust deployment channels for fuel cell and hydrogen applications is crucial to cement EU’s ambition to start the development of a EU wide commercial hydrogen refueling infrastructure.  As car manufacturers are coming out in presenting their ambition with commercial FC models (Bob Carter, Toyota Motor Corp at the Detroit Motor show on January 154 2014…) Several national H2Mobility programs that are currently underway in France, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands for example in the Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport (HIT) project, as the first hydrogen corridor project in the EU Trans European Network for Transport project, are all supported and/or coordinated by EHA national fuel cell and hydrogen associations. Their knowledge of the companies active in his field and the challenges they are facing, in for example the authorisation of installations and financing of projects, is indispensable in building the right national framework for a sustainable large scale roll out. With the input of its national association members the EHA is able to monitor and confront the impact of incentives and policy measures that are affecting the roll out in different Member States. The EHA annual national incentive update is currently taken place and will be presented at the Annual General Meeting this June, as input to the EU ambition with regard to the proposed EU directive on the deployment Deployment of an Alternative Fuels Infrastructure (COM2013/18). The EHA at the end of last year has also intensified its support to ensure that the right standards that affecting the deployment of  hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe are include in this new directive to ensure rapid harmonisation. Representative of EHA national associations  have attended the workshops at CEN CENELEC on this topic the end of last year. A new ISO work item was adopted at the last ISO 197 on November 19 last year. The EHA ic cooperation with HyER and HySAFE will feature the latest national and regional progress in their stands in upcoming events: EHA National Associations interested to co-exhibit in our stands at the EHEC 2014 , March 12-14, 2014 and the Hannover Fair FC and H2 and Battery Group Exhibit 2014 April 7-11, 2014. should contact the EHA secretariat as there are few spaces left. (Photo, Seville, EHEC 2014 host)