The EHA met with the the interim director of the Unit Automotive of the Commission’s DG Enterprise to discuss the first experiences wit hte EU Green Car Initiaitve that was annouced last November as part of teh EU Economic Recovery Package to support the struggling European  car industry.  The programme focusses on the development of electric powertrain with a clear focus on batteries and support for clean diesel and biofuel technology. It provides financial support  for green technologies in the form of grants from the European Commission’s scientific research budget, and loans  from the European Investment Bank.  Under the Green Cars Initiative, research will be funded in a variety of areas such as greener combustion engines for trucks, bio-methane, and electric and hybrid vehicles and infrastructure. The financial support measures will be supplemented by demand side measures involving regulatory action by Member States and the EU, such as the reduction of car registration taxes on low CO2 cars to stimulate car purchase by citizens.Mr. Jean  explained that the first calls for proposal that was announced on July 30 was the result of a collabroation  with DG RTD and DG TREN. The EHA explained the importance of hydrogen and fuel cells in the development of a future electric transport system that would cover all transport needs including long distance travel and opublic transport.  The importance of  a coordinated development of the recharging and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for battery resp. fuel cells cars was also discussed. The EHA  communicated its intention to support a joint strategy paper on this subject.  Mr. Jean suggested a follow up meeting after the new appointment of the new Commissioners to discuss the infrastructure aspects more in detail. More info at the EGCI website.