From December 7 – 18 the 15th UN Climate Change Conference , COP 15,  will be held Copenhagen with the goal of reaching agreement on a successor to the “Kyoto agreement”, thus
securing the foundation for climate change actions beyond 2020.  The event offers a great opportunity for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry to highlight the industry’s capacity to satisfy future energy needs and at the same time, providing sustainable solutions to the challenges of climate change.
The EHA has therefore joined forces with other organisations in Europe and beyond  to organise various showcase events in Copenhagen before and during the COP15. The aim is to exhibit a large fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles and other fuel cell products and solutions  and demonstrate their use in
various transport and energy applications.
One of the featured events is a hydrogen vehicle tour on November 30,  leaving from an existing hydrogen refuelling station in Malmö, (Sweden) and crossing the marvelous bridge to Copenhagen where a new hydrogen refuelling station will be opened. The idea is to gather as many vehicles as possible for this event and for VIP transportation during the COP.  The EHA is therefore inviting all its members to collect interest of national and local organisations and manufacturers to particpate with their vehicles big or small in this tour. The vehicle tour and refuelling station opening will be hosted by the Environmental Mayor of Copenhagen and will take place on 30 November 2009 between 09h00 and 12h00.  For more information please contact the EHA secretariat. For more information on other clean vehicle showcases that are organized during the COP please visit the COP 15 website.