Klaus Bonhoff CEO NOW:   German government is still technology neutral: charging infrastructure and H2 is necessary. Daimler (present on the NOW stand) , VW, Audi and Ford could also drive drive  mass deployment of European FC stack technology.

Oliver Gutt, Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH, production leader : new model Nexo comes out in August in Germany, 756 km range, fc advantages with regards to batteries is temperature robustness. Price is 69K with tax. Production start next month so thousands will be produced by next year.

Lorenz Jung, H2Mobility Deutschland, Network  Delivery Manager, 43 public stations in oepration in Germany 6 are being built; Hannover will start next month. Look at the App!

Thomas Bystry: Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH, Clean Energy Partnership chairman: we need more partners in the CEP to give gas to joint roll-out.