Wolfgang Leder, Head of Network Fuel Product Management: “hydrogen will play a big role, Total has been working on hydrogen for 15 years, but all options are open….”

Markus Bachmeier Head of Hydrogen Solutions: “there have been almost no no accidents with FCEV, are put to the same tests as normal vehicles. Most of the German stations use trucked in hydrogen. Mainz has green hydrogen. 50% is renewable produced hydrogen. Whatever we do, we need to make it affordable! Our FCEV car sharing initiative Be Zero with Hyundai cars in Munich has been very successful but was not economic; see also BMW and Mercedes merge car sharing business Car2Go and DriveNow.

Ferry M.M. Franz, director Toyota Motor Europe, Berlin office: “Toyota is still looking at all options. FCEV have  specific advantages. Hydrogen Council has gathered all major car makers. We will not sell more than 1000 cars in Germany thsi year. FCEV are still hand made. 280.000 cars sold by 2030. (NL ambition is 500.00)

Oliver Gutt, Head of Product Management Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH: new model NEXO is completely new car has smaller FC model better packaging, 700 km range.  I can not indicate exact production figures.

Manfred Becker, Global Hydrogen Operations Manager Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH, closing into 75 end of the year. 13 of the 40 stations were not in operation yesterday as they are still coming out of R&D”. In larger vehcile segmeent only hydrogen is an option.”