As green and low carbon  hydrogen markets are becoming more mature (see issuing of 75.000+ CertifHy  Guarantee of Origin) future  EHA Climate Briefs  will include references to actual CO2 reduction numbers of FCH  solutions if a renewable source for H2 would be used.. Starting with our FC Truck update and Denmark country status.

  1. Proton Power Systems plc announced on January 9 2019 that it has signed a joint venture agreement with Höpen GmbH and Hary AG to establish a company by the name of Clean Logistics in Hamburg, Germany. The company is set out to build heavy-duty trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The Joint Venture applied for financial aid from federal programmes to develop its first prototypes with additional funding to support orders of up to 1,000 vehicles by the end of 2021. “We are pleased with this venture.  In 2016 alone, in excess of 300,000 trucks in the ‘over 5 tonnes’ weight category were produced in the European Union,
  2. As European industry is stepping up efforts some EU Member States seem to start missing important deadlines for the submission of a draft energy and climate plans as well as air quality compliance requirements:  Bulgaria, Czechia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg and Spain did not submit their energy and climate plans on time, while Germany’s was late and incomplete.. The Commission also referred  France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom to the Court of Justice of the EU for failing to respect agreed air quality limit values and for failing to take appropriate measures to keep exceedance periods as short as possible.
  3. “Designing the 1st EU-wide Guarantee of Origin (GO) scheme for Green Hydrogen” The CertifHy project issued 75 000+ CertifHy Green and Low Carbon Hydrogen GOs that are available for  Hydrogen consumers from industry and transport to use  renewable energy in their processes and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint by purchasing CertifHy Green or Low Carbon Hydrogen Guarantee of Origins now. CertifHy GOs allow end-users to consume Green and Low Carbon Hydrogen across the EU, regardless of their location. The CertifHy Guarantee of Origin scheme is essential for labelling the origin of the product providing transparency to consumers and creating market pull for Green and Low-carbon hydrogen. The CertifHy pilot dispatched 75 000+ Green and Low Carbon Guarantees of Origin that are issued into the registry.
  4. To boost H2 action on the comprehensive transport network the CEF program issued an Annual Call on January 8, 2019 with a total budget of 100 mln and an interesting maritime port opportunities for alternative fuels projects on the Comprehensive network . Deadline april 24, 2019 See for details.
  5. Another opportunity to facilitate the reduction of emissions in emerging and developing countries is the FCH JU Call 2019 that features Hydorgen Valleys and International Cooperation as its main features.

Photo: Courtesy of Proton Motor GmbH