At the last EHA Annual General Meeting on June 28, 2013,  members discussed how to effectively engage EHA’s network of 21 national associations in the new hydrogen infrastructure opportunities described in recent EU policy. Both the EU Clean Power for Transport package, presented last January and the EU Energy Technologies and Innovation communication of last May have put hydrogen at the forefront of EU ‘s clean transport and energy ambitions. This will require strong local stakeholder networks that are able to  develop and execute local hydrogen deployment strategies that make use of the excellent European technologies in this field that are now entering commercial stage. The presentation of DG Energy  at the AGM,  on the EU’s expectations on the role of electrolysis in energy storage, pointed to the need to explain that the rapidly increasing need for energy storage needs to take into account the time and investment required to arrive at competitive storage solutions like hydrogen. The EHA also included this point in its contribution to the consultation on a Green Paper on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies. The EHA AGM welcomed the Romanian Hydrogen Energy Forum and the International Hydrogen Safety Association, HySafe, as new members.