The EHA member ITM Power is leading the EcoIsland Hydrogen Vehicle Refueller, a project supported by the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board. The £4.45m project will build and integrate into the power system, a hydrogen energy storage and vehicle refuelling system on the Isle of Wight.

The three year project is now coming to the end of its first year. The project is on time and on budget with the following achievements in year 1:

  • ITM Power have concluded the design of a modular 80kg/day hydrogen generation unit, the first deployment of a station this size which the Company intends to use for the roll-out of hydrogen refuelling stations in the UK in the H2Mobility project. This modular design allows generation capacity to be increased at refuelling stations as demand increases. Key components are ordered and build is underway and on track.
  • ITM Power and SSE have surveyed a number of sites on the Isle of Wight, identifying four potential locations owned by SGN, SSE, Vestas and MJH Developments for the 80kg/day refuelling station. Planning applications have been submitted for all four sites, and approval has been received for one of these sites. ITM Power are seeking approval from all four sites.
  • ITM Power and Cheetah Marine have applied for planning permission for the marine refuelling system at Cheetah Marine’s site in Ventnor, Isle of Wight.
  • ITM Power has successfully converted a Honda 135 Outboard motor to dual fuel hydrogen/petrol operation for use on a catamaran designed and built by Cheetah Marine. Cheetah Marine boat build is underway.
  • IBM has developed a user interface for the refuelling system.

The project is proceeding well with delivery of the refuelling units anticipated in spring 2014 for the 12 month trial to start in autumn 2014.

The project will design, build, install and operate two grid-connected hydrogen refuelling platforms on the Isle of Wight, with 80kg/day and 15kg/day capacities for the operation of a fleet of hydrogen vehicles including vehicles from Hyundai, Microcab and converted Ford Transit vans. Vehicles showcased will include  FCEV cars, hydrogen internal combustion engine (“HICE”) vans and a HICE boat.

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