On January 24, 2013 EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas announced the  Clean Power for Transport for Europe package to put harmonised infrastructure for all alternative fuels including hydrogen and battery recharging on European roads.  Policy initiatives so far have mostly addressed the actual fuels and vehicles, without considering fuels distribution. Efforts to provide incentives have been un-co-ordinated and insufficient

The EHA among others bared the wintery conditions to witness Siim Kallas, EC Vice  and Commissioner for Transport to give the official press release, wherein he stated

“Developing innovative and alternative fuels is an obvious way to make Europe’s economy more resource efficient, to reduce our over dependence on oil and develop a transport industry which is ready to respond to the demands of the 21st century. Between them, China and the US plan to have more than 6 million electric   vehicles on the road by 2020. This is major opportunity for Europe to establish a strong position in a fast growing global market.”


To read the full communication follow this link or to read Siim Kallas”  speech  in full.