On May 31, 2017 the Dutch Hydrogen Platform (NWP)saluted its long term H2eraut Alexander Hable, transition manger of the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, for 41 years of out of the box energy and transport innovation policy support. Alexander over the last 10 years spearheaded the H2 way in the Dutch government initiaiting the first hydrogen TEN T corridor projects and transnational cooperation in WaterstofNet. NWP also welcomed its new director Robert Dencher former Shell Government Relations manager, following Mariette van Empel who steered the organisation over th last 12 months to a new level and focus on key roll out action. The venue of the Louwman Museum where the profume of antique diesel cars provided a stark reminder of the need to change gears to power these lovely examples of European engineering in am ore sustainable way. The meeting saw presentations of potential plans for northern parts of the Netherlands linking increasing North Sea wind capacity to electricity and gas networks. The EHA supported the development of a winning proposal of the Dutch government in the last Connecting Europe Facility call to link eletircity and gas networks in dispatching wind power via H2 grid management solutions.