Hydrogen events in the the Netherlands seem to happen always under exceptionally blue skies; after the successful opening of the first Dutch public hydrogen station last September, the port of Rotterdam  on April 8 was the scene of another first: the Dutch Hydrogen Platform, at the Hyundai roll out of another 5 ix35 FCEV on the shore’s of the Port of Rotterdam, presented its proposal to the Dutch government for a “Hydrogen Green Deal” to reach specific H2 targets by 2020:
2000 FCEV
100 FC buses
200 delivery vans
50 hydrogen refuelling stations
50 H2 trucks

A total of 7 Hyundai ix35 FCEV are hitting the Dutch roads in the cities of Arnhem and Delft, where the Technical University of Delft that will look at using the fuel cell in the car for stationary power generation when the car is parked, Rotterdam (Air Liquide, Linde Gas). One car will be used in VIP transportation by the Rotterdamse Mobiliteit Centrale (a taxi service ) and the city of Arnhem. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment is already using two cars as wellHyundai is offering its first commercial FCEV for sale in throughout Europe for €55.000 and is looking for local governments throughout Europe that are interested to actively support the first roll out of these cars. The ix25 is currently selling in 15 countries across the world. Fro the Rotterdam area Hyundai dealer  Van der Wel in Rotterdam/Bergschenhoek will be the first FCEV dealer in the Netherlands.