The EHA, over the course of 2016, explored several synergies with various new initiatives that will change the hydrogen landscape in Europe and beyond. In the beginning of 2016 the EHA set up several exchanges with the new Hydrogen Europe association to look at alignment of the EHA activities with the ambitions of this new European FCH Industry Association. As the FCH industry is preparing for bigger investments in the next few years, political support and facilitated financing is key. The EHA, over its last 15 years, has always aimed at representing a broader stakeholder group of existing and potential stakeholders and user groups than just larger industries to facilitate a sustainable FCH roll-out, taking into consideration national and regional conditions. The set up and hosting of the HyER regional partnership by theEHA for 7 years being the prime example. Although no concrete collaboration has been set up, the EHA is looking foward to continue its cooperation with the FCH industry in Hydrogen Europe.
The EHA also started to look at synergies in hydrogen distribution by rail in cooperation with Austrian partners in a study to define potential. The departure of the first hydrogen trains in Germany this year might become a game-changer in H2 distirbution as the volumes compared to current hydrogen refuelling stations is signifcant.
Last but not least the EHA mobilized all its efforts and expertise to support the preparation of an exiting proposal for the first Synergy Call that was set up under the Connecting Europe Facility before the extreme tigth deadline of December 13. The call objective is  to work on concrete synergies between the increasing need to reinforce and mobilise Electricity and Gas Transmission and Distribution Systems (TEN E) with the needs for alterantive fuel distribution along key corridors in Europe (TEN T). With a deadline a week before the Christmas break we were able to submit a proposal that brings together stakeholders ranging from TSO’s, local industrial clusters and private alternative refeulling station operators ready to explore new solutions to ensure a smooth  transition to clean energy and transport in all corners of Europe. We look forward to continue to share those experiences with you in 2017 and wish you all a lovely Holiday Season and Successful 2017. EHA Team in Brussels.

Photo: hydrogen station in Sandviken Sweden that opened on December 13, 2016.