The 2017 Detroit Auto Show, despite fears of the Trump administration rolling back US efficiency and emission laws, had a strong ‘green’ car presence. The Auto show caters to the global market and those US states who have pledged to retain climate commitments. Such is the case for the state of California who will retain its legal right to set rules for its market dictating ever-decreasing emissions. This is also the case for a group of states, comprising more than a quarter of the US market who will follow California’s zero-emission agenda. Despite Trump’s climate sceptism the American electrification agenda is still on.

Two out of three of the Detroit show’s “Car of the Year” awards were given to low emission vehicles: the all-electric -2107 Chevy Bolt EV and the 2017 Pacifica Hybrid.

In the corrridors there was whispering of a General Motors and Honda joint venture to manufacture the next-generation fuel cell the companies have been co-developing starting in 2020 at a facility near Detroit that was confirmed on January 30, 2017


Photo credit: 50 year anniversary: GM’s first FCEV