Only weeks  after the announcement of McPhy ‘s installation of the first hydrogen station in the greater Paris Area, Air Liquide is installing the first hydrogen refuelling station within Paris’ city limits. In partnership with the Paris-based electric taxi start-up STEP (Société du Taxi Electrique Parisien), and the support of the Paris City Council, the Air Liquide station will be located at Cours Albert Ier, in the Pont de l’Alma public parking lot. It will enable the deployment of “hype”, the first fleet of hydrogen-powered electric taxis serving the Greater Paris Area. This hydrogen-powered vehicle fleet, initially composed of five Hyundai ix35 cars, should count around70 vehicles within a year and several hundred within five years. In the course of 2016, a permanent network of hydrogen charging stations, designed in particular to meet the needs of this taxi fleet, will gradually be installed in the Greater Paris Area. . To date, 75 hydrogen charging stations have already been designed and installed by Air Liquide worldwide, five of them in France. The first hydrogen charging station for a local authority in France was inaugurated in January 2015 in Saint-Lô (Normandy), for the General Council of the Manche department.