At a big ceremony hosted by the European Parliament on  Febraury 10 more that 350 cities across Europe have committed, by signing the Covenant of Mayors, to go beyond the EU’s energy objective of reducing 20% CO2 emissions by 2020. With this initiative of the European Commission in partnership with the Committee of Regions, the representatives of over 60 million citizens will work together to achieve the common goal of changing our environment and using energy more wisely. “Most of the energy produced in Europe is consumed in urban areas. The battle against climate change will have to fought and won in the cities. This is why, the commitment shown by Mayors across Europe by signing the Covenant of Mayors send us a strong message of hope, particularly in the difficult times that we are facing “, said Commissioner Piebalgs. The European Investment Bank will facilitate loans of up to 75%  to assist local authorities with projects that reduce emissions; the EIB has made availble € 4 bln for thsi goal in 2009.  For more information please visit,