When: 9 February, 2011   Where: Brussels

CLEPA, The European Association for Automotive for Automotive Suppliers regularly organises events, conferences, workshops and exhibitions, either to promote a topic of particular importance, or in the context of a project.

The next event will be a debate on The evolution of the supply chain in the automotive industry on February 9 2011.

The supply chain in the automotive industry is facing a profound transformation to keep pace with innovation and address new mobility and transportation needs. Technological advancements for greener and safer vehicles will be further driven by a new interaction among all the economic actors involved in the supply chain.

Participants will be invited to share views on :

·         the impact of the electric vehicle on the supply chain;

·         the access to raw materials;

·         the access to finance;

·         new products and new markets;

·         The impact on employment in the new value chain.

The outcome of this debate will fuel the discussions of the CARS21 High Level Group and contribute to shape the future of the European automotive industry.

see the complete programme on clepa.eu