The European Hydrogen Association welcomes the Commissions communication published today (October 28th 2010) An Integrated Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era Putting Competitiveness and Sustainability at Centre Stage.

Within the text indication is given that the next two years will introduce a more progressive strategy toward clean mobility. The text explains,  “Going beyond the strategy announced in April 2010 (A European strategy on clean and energy efficient vehicles), substantial financing of investments in infrastructure will be needed, including pilot projects to demonstrate breakthrough technologies in specific cities and regions.”

“The Commission will: propose a Clean and Energy-efficient Vehicles platform, bringing together Member States, industry, and other stakeholders to ensure infrastructure investments, including pilot projects, and to launch research initiatives on key technologies and materials (2012); launch a Strategic Transport Technology Plan (2011), including a strategic initiative on Clean Transport Systems and an e-mobility package to enhance the efficiency and the safety of the transport sector.”

For more information see link to text:  Communication


Commission Press Release: Link