On the heels of the EU’s Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive submissions, and 12 member states looking invest and develop hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in the upcoming years, Canada has promised to do the same. In the Budget 2017, released at the end of March, proposes to invest $21.9 billion over 11 years to support green infrastructure that will advance Canada’s efforts to build a clean economy. Budget 2017 proposes an additional $120-million for a national recharging and refuelling network for electric, natural gas and hydrogen vehicles, and technology demonstration projects. $120 million to deploy infrastructure for electric vehicle charging and natural gas and hydrogen refuelling stations, as well as to support technology demonstration projects. This investment will be a major boost to Canada’s hydrogen infrastructure considering there is currently only one public recharging station in operation at the moment. More information on the Green Infrastructure Investment here.

Photo Credit: Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association