On Day 4 of the Hannover Fair, Ulrich Schmidtchen, secretary of the German hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, DWV, stressed the need for the new German government to look at the consequences on the whole energy system of the German Energiewende, not only the electricity grid impact. “Large scale use of intermittent renewable energy will need storage, there is no way around this and hydrogen offers an economical and large scale storage solution”, Dr. Schmidtchen emphasized. EHA executive director Marieke Reijalt, at the H2 and FC Group Exhibit Public Forum called upon EU and national decision makers to act upon the evidence of market ready hydrogen and fuel cell applications and  integrate them in their list of technology neutral options. Key documents that are currently being prepared, like the EU integrated roadmap of energy technologies as part of the new SET Plan fail to refer to hydrogen. This omission does not match with the references to hydrogen as the main option, next to electricity, to substitute oil as a transport fuel in the EU Clean Power for Transport package and the EU’s ambition to half conventional fuelled cars in cities by 2030; the students of Technical University were lending a hand to achieve these goals by demonstrating their fuel cell powered racing cars (see photo) Click here for livestreaming of the fora.