Last week (April 7-11, 2014) the H2 and FC and Battery Group Exhibit at the Hannover Fair demonstrated the great expectations from renewable and grid industry for large scale energy storage solutions that will forever change the energy distribution landscape. The electrolyzer industry, that also this year showed an impressive sequence of new products, reported positive feedback from customers. The latest EU and German discussions on future state aid for environment and energy projects as well as the recent IPCC report urging immediate action to curb increasing emissions, spiced up the atmosphere even further. The EHA in a joint stand with HyER presented the growing number of H2 and FC national and regional networks, many operating since more than a decade, diligently facilitate the necessary conditions for fast market uptake informing key decision makers and aligning with other networks in joint demonstration projects. the EHA featured its efforts to collect national and local incentives that support FC and H2 roll out. Over 180.000 vistors attended the Hannover Fair this year featuring partner country the Netherlands with over 250 companies, one of which HyTruck that built the first hydrogen truck in Europe.