As a report by the German Federal Environment Agency indicated that its transport sector has to cut emissions by about 98 percent to reduce overall emissions by up to 95 percent by 2050, pushing the transport sector to become GHG-neutral by the year 2050, the big question at the TEN T Days, held in Rotterdam from June 20-22 , 2016, is how to connect EU transport corridors to clean energy supply.

LNG seems to have been the big winner in the last call for proposals, in which only one hydrogen project and 4 battery electric and fast charging projects were approved. The EC Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc at the TEN T Days announced another 750 mln that will include innovation projects. The heat is on for another round of TEN T innovation projects in this year’s Anual Call with a budget or around 20 mln and a new vehicle, the Synergy Call will support projects linking EU Projects of Common Interest in Energy with TEN T which will require many innovative energy and transport minds to come together around solutions that complement or substitute new power lines.

A HyMOVE bus cofinanced by the Province of Gelderland and a Van Hool fuel cell bus operated by  De Lijn in Antwerp, shuttled TEN T participants to various conference locations: during the event 5 provinces in the Netherlands signed a letter of intent to the FCH JU to procure 100 fuel cell buses with EU support in the coming years.