The FORZE IV, a fuel cell powered formula race car, built by the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, with support of Linde Benelux, broke a fuel cell car record on August 16, 2011 in the Hague in the  Netherlands in the under 500 kg vehicle class, covering the 1/8th mile in just 10,459 seconds, beating one second off a the previous record. The Forze IV is  equipped with an in-house designed 12 kW fuel cell and ultra caps, able to boost power during 5 sec. up to 35 kW and a 28 liter, 350 bar hydrogen tank supplied by Linde Gas. The Dutch minister of Economic Affairs, Maxime Verhagen and several Dutch government officials attended the race which was held in the centre of the Hague cheered by the crowds that had fled the rain on nearby beaches.

The Forze IV is a state of the art vehicle equipped with an in-house designed fuel cell designed and built entirely by students. The hydrogen to keep the fuel cell running, supplied by Linde Gas, is stored in a 28 liter tank which can be filled up to 350 bars by using WEH refueling components refueling stations. A complete filled tank gives 600 grams of hydrogen which generates sufficient energy for the car to race for an hour.

The model was unveiled this year in June and the team has since participated in several races such as Formula Student – a worldwide competition among 500 universities. “We are the first team in this worldwide competition to race using a hydrogen fuel cell. That’s a huge technical challenge in a racing car”said the team manager Wouter Krul on the occasion.

More information at FORZE IV website.